(News) Get To Know @skeeter_manny With TheMusicPlugNyc


Wassup man I listened to the project and you have some good music. Do you have any visuals to the songs on your EP?

The Cold video is in the process of being made right now, it will be released soon. But in the meantime check out my video for 100% Petty, a song I just released. https://youtu.be/5-xvMEDfRaw


For those who don’t know who you are what is your name & where are you from?

My name is Manny Little, 21 years old and I am from Harlem, NY.


For the people who haven’t listened to you yet what is the first song you would recommend them to listen to and why?

The Calm B4 the storm, because it shows my versatility and my songwriting abilities. Listen and tell me what you think on social media


What made you want to do music?

Music has always been my passion, It’s something i’ve always love to do. Making happy makes me music.


What keeps you inspired & motivated to hit the booth and record?

My family and my friends. I am part of a brotherhood called Skeeter gang who supports me 100. I also have an in-home studio which makes it easy to record any time I want. I am motivated to be successful.


Are there any artist new or old that inspire you to write and make music?

There are no artists who inspire me to write, but Kanye West inspires because of his production abilities.


Since you sing and rap what is your recording process like in the booth?  

I have to feel the vibe, I have to relate to the song, the words. I tell myself “feel that shit” before I get in the booth. I also produce my own music, and write and record all of my hooks so I spend a lot of time mastering the song.


Are there any artist main stream or underground that you would work with?

I want to work with Gucci. Everybody who works with him takes off after that. I always listen to him, he is real.


What’s the next move for you and how do you plan to expand your music and your brand?

Next move is to just keep trying to get exposure and work with other artists and constantly release new music and better music


Tell the people where they can find you and your music

Spinrilla, Audiomack,Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Youtube

Instagram @skeeter_manny

Soundcloud skeeter_manny

FaceBook  Manny little

Twitter  @skeeter_manny

Spinrilla https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/skeeter-manny-no-comply

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