(Music) @Phlowetry – Mind, Body & Phlow Ep

Mind, Body & Phlow’ is the impressive, jaw-dropping new EP from gifted Lagos, Nigeria-based artist Phlow, who made waves last fall with the project’s supremely ill lead single, “Reputation.”

While that neck-snapper of a track showcased that Phlow could straight spit, she reveals other sides of her artistry across the seven tracks on here. She shows off her ability to write a love-centric tune on the melodic “Reminder” with singer Gogo, lets her hair down for the bouncy, Maka-featured “Looking at Nobody,” and deftly blends hip-hop and soul with Maka once again on “The Final One.”

Phlow’s still ripping apart beats, though, and that’s evident on the aforementioned “Reputation” and brand-new cut “Bank It.” Armed with a “99 Problems”-sampling hook and slapper of an instrumental, she lets loose for a minute of pure rhyming. And it’s only right that she brings it all home with a remix of “Reputation,” which flips the bangin’ original into a laid-back reggae jam.

If you didn’t know Phlow before, you damn sure will now. ‘Mind, Body & Phlow’ is now available for stream, via Str8 Buttah Productions.


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